Marine Machine x The Ampal Creative "MM15" Riders Jacket

A lot of blood, sweat and tears , minus the tears, went into our latest style #MM15, a Marine Machine x The Ampal Creative collaboration. The brotherhood of the seven seas and road less traveled joined forces on 3 different continents to bring you our take of a jacket that you would want on the road, a solid companion.

  • Wool body and premium full grain cow nappa sleeves
  • Limited to 50 invididually numbered pcs.
  • Comes with 3 different patches for you to put on
  • US made buttons and lining ex The Ampal Creative
  • Double leather piped side pockets with YKK ballchain pullers
  • YKK 2-Way Front Zipper with 5 button closure overplacket
  • Knit inside of your cuffs to keep the warmth inside
  • Tested free of any unwanted substance
  • Left inside pocket with zipper right one with ringsnap closure
  • Patched on front chest pocket for your communication device
  • Loose Fit
549,00 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

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